Doodle Cricket Classroom 6x
Doodle Cricket Classroom 6x
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Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is a fun and adorable online cricket game, inspired by the famous cricket theme of Google Doodle. This exciting game offers a strange twist on the sport of cricket, where you command a cricket team to take on their slow but surprisingly skilled opponents, the snails.

Your main goal in Doodle Cricket is to show off your batting skills by hitting the ball as far as possible, accumulating points along the way. The game's simple mechanics revolve around timing and reflexes, challenging you to swing your cricket bat at the right time to achieve the highest score possible.

However, if there is a catch – miss and your match is over. To succeed in Doodle Cricket, you must sharpen your reflexes and refine your timing skills to perfection. Every swing of the racket is important because it determines your score and progress in the game. The unique match between cricket and snail adds an interesting touch to this cricketing match. Can your agile cricket team outshine the seemingly slow snails or will the snails surprise you with their skills? The only way to find out is to test your sales ability.

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